19 November 2010

Hello goodbye

Its nice to try something new.  On approaching retirement, I had a list of things I wanted to do (I've since learned this is called a bucket list - anyone know why?!).  Having all the time in the world (huh!) I thought I would try to get on the Weakest Link!  A full time teacing job precludes the possibility of swanning off to do TV and I don't think I could have faced the kids after the usual humiliation by Anne; but now that I haven't seen a school uniform for five months, the time is right.  I was called by the researchers in August, but on the only day they were auditioning, I was having my double glazing replaced - you know the sort of thing your whole life revolves around for a few nerve-racking days, so I couldn't go.  I thought I had blown all chances when yesterday, there was another call - amazingly, while the guy who had previously fitted my windows was up a ladder doing all the guttering! 
How would you feel if Anne is horrible to you?  (After 34 years of teaching, it's not unusual)
Do you have any physical attributes that she might make fun of?  (Not that I know of but please let me know before I meet her)
Why do you want to be on the show (like bunjee jumping - you think you want to until the moment comes)
Well the audition is on Dec 2nd  Watch this space!

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