3 November 2010


I know of so many photographers who post reguarly to their blog.  I haven't before because I didn't think anyone reads it!!  But then I guess they won't if there's nothing new.
So here's to a new start...
On driving through the Forest of Dean last week, I was dismayed to see so much of the brilliant foliage falling to the floor.  I haven't been out once with the camera so on Monday, got up before dawn.  It is sometimes difficult to get a perfect shot - there is a lot debris on the ground and trees not growing where you want them to!  So I thought I would do the streaky tree trick - panning up on a tripod during a long exposure.  It was much easier than expected.  Not everyone's cup of tea I know,and not the best way to show off your photographic prowess, but a lot of fun nevertheless.
I have to admit to a moment of pure pleasure when after an hour or so of walking, I looked at my watch and realised that in a former life, I would still have been teaching Period 1 - and that particular slot on a Monday morning has never proved so pleasurable as this little excursion.
My brother bought me a supercool iPod Nano G6 which I thought I would use.  I have always wanted to walk in paradise to lovely music.  After a short time, I was startled by a deer jumping up on the path.  Whilst fumbling to change my camera from F22 and 1s to something that would catch the running deer, I was further surprised by a man appearing beside me with a dog!!  The deer had taken fright because of him and I had been frightened by them all - and to the tune of Eleanor Rigby (not heavenly music I know but I was on Shuffle!)...  I think I will save the Nano for lunch times - and hope that next time I will see the wildlife before it sees me...
Must get out more

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