5 December 2010

You are the...

I guess I am the weakest link
The audition was good fun.  I had always thought that because it is a competition, the contestants would be set against each other but in fact we were a jolly crowd and quite good friends by the time it was over.  I can easily see some of the others making it to the real show but would be surprised to get through myself.  I think they are looking for people who can hold their own in a conversation and roll with the punches.  I expected to be OK with that but was almost at a loss to explain why my hair was so wispy – they said “do you call that a fringe? – it’s a bit thin – your hair looks as though you’ve had a perm that has fallen out”  It was hard to sustain a conversation on those lines, except to say that I was a pensioner and these things happen (except that I haven’t had a perm – it always looks like that).  I wanted to ask him why he was wearing his jeans so low that I could read the name of his underpants but I felt that might have been the end of my future prospects, so I refrained.  I still wonder if he had done that deliberately to evoke a comment – was it a test, or was he a pratt?
The couple of rounds we played were OK.  I didn’t know which State has the capital city of Sacramento – I thought it must have been a southern state, nearly said Mexico(!) but settled for Texas, just to move on.  However, the person who couldn’t add 12 and 7 was the weakest link – as everyone says, it’s easy when you’re sitting at home, but mindboggling otherwise…
The general knowledge bit was OK.  I’m being deliberately vague in case anyone else wants to audition – it’s nice to have surprises!!
I really didn’t know what to say when he picked on my shoes, my outfit, hair, and the fact that I take photos of birds.  It’s geared to make you feel small.  And quite difficult to stay buoyant and think of something to say, so that’s why I think I might be out.
But it’s definitely worth going in for and one of those things I would have regretted not doing.  We all have to wait up to four weeks now to see if we get shortlisted.  I would put a bet on the guy who came in his wellies – really nice, friendly, handsome and as individual as you could ever wish for  - like me, he had dressed for the weather:  -7C and snow.  I would have loved to have heard his interview, but the affrontery was a private ordeal in front of a TV camera.
Watch this space!

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