3 April 2010

Not retiring

I used to think that retirement was a time to put your feet up and relax – maybe do some knitting and gardening – although I have never before chosen to do those things in any ’spare’ time. It’s just that when you are young, you think that this is what old people do..

However, a passion for photography has led to what feels like a full time job, and although retirement from a teaching career is an increasingly attractive lure (90 days left and counting), it seems that it will not lead to the life of leisure that I had imagined.

I photograph anything that moves, (or doesn’t) – large or small, special or not. I have ‘done’ three weddings, been published in books and magazines and won competitions. Photography has led to an invitation to the House of Commons, a hot air balloon ride, an afternoon with Royalty, a light aircraft flying lesson, an interview on the Today programme … and the list goes on.

Although teaching has been a lifetime commitment, the time has come to leave the comfort zone and undergo the sort of metamorphosis that births a photographer… Well, it's Spring after all

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