19 September 2009

Quicktime Portraits UKsBP09

The invitation to a very nice house near Luton heralded the next round. Portraits hmmmm. We had 45 minutes to create three images and in that time, had to choose the model's clothes and scenarios. The introduction to the studio lights and offer of technical assistance from the very helpful people from The Flash Centre in Birmingham was sooo much appreciated. I was completely out of my depth. It was sunny and windy which made exposure with studio lights outdoors very tricky - especially as everything kept blowing over. I had 10 frantic but oh-so-fun minutes in the studio at the end. I managed three acceptable and quite attractive pictures but they totally lacked imagination.... Even I could see that!
I opened the results email with some trepidation but knew deep down that I hadn't got through to the last six. Oh well. It was a very exciting ride while it lasted. Thanks, Photography Monthly - and grateful thanks to the guys from Birmingham who made the day so special

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