6 June 2014

Morning mist

The day we arrived at Machu Picchu was very wet.  Although we were at altitude,  we were close enough to the Equator for the temperature to be like an English summer's day.  This turns the landscape into cloud forest and explains why the Inca Trail is festooned with lichens and decorated with begonias and orchids, all pollinated by hummingbirds.   Very unlike an English summer unless you're in a garden centre.  

Having reached the Sun Gate, we waited for an hour for the thick clouds to part.  We were keen to get the iconic view of the Lost City but got too cold from waiting and had to set off towards it.   Evidently, it was cloudy all night because when we went back in the morning, the thick mist was just clearing.  So here is a view of us all listening to our guide at sunrise

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