26 May 2014

Cusco, Peru, photographed by Linda Wright

Cusco was the capital city of the Inca empire.  It was even called the 'navel of the world' - clearly they didn't get out much. But it was the centre of their world - a haven in the Andes and an established and well-ordered civilisation until the invasion by the Spanish in 1532.  This view, taken from the heights above the city, near the ancient fort at Saksaywaman, shows, if nothing else, the dramatic big skies that develop every day as thermals rise in the mountain air.  The city was thought to have been built in the shape of a puma - one of the revered animals.  Despite our many attempts, and help from our guide, we couldn't see it.  But it is kind of imaginable on the tourist maps.  Anyway, whilst scrutinising the landscape for the famous Temple of the Sun, I had actually not noticed the brilliant sky until looking at the pictures in the UK.  And photographers are supposed to be observant
Taken with the Fuji X Pro1, which I plonked on a wall for stability.

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