7 July 2012

OK so I didn't manage one post a day this week!!!  But yesterday started at 3.30 am and didn't finish til past 11pm so its not surprising...  I had a brilliant time photographing the Honey Monster at Alton Towers, as an assistant to Richard Crompton.  Richard does the most amazing stuff, and I was so pleased to be alongside, following the big fella on the Nemesis ride and some scary underground place that frightens the wits out of grown men...

We caught up with the Honey Monster at breakfast time but he wouldn't share the Sugar Puffs.  Despite his obvious terror around the big rides, he never lost that famous smile and was sufficiently hampered by his significant weight for us to keep up with him..
It was a real eyeopener to see how hard it is to get good shots to order in a tight time frame and in the pouring rain!!  It was a bizarre and memorable romp in the park..

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