30 September 2013

The older you get, the more people you know and, inevitably, some of them lose touch.  These days, Facebook is a great way to avoid that, but in the dim and distant past, friends would never have had that opportunity.  When i was thirteen years old and leaving Canada, where we had lived for three years, i made a pact with my best friend that we would look at the sun every day at noon so we could always be doing something together.  In those three years abroad, i had forgotten how hit and miss the opportunites were to see a noonday sun in Britain!!  I also hadn't reckoned on the five hour time gap, so despite my early efforts, we probably never got to do this simple thing together.  However, I never forgot the pact, although did lose touch with my friend - and that was only one of the many regrets I had on leaving Canada.  It is a truly beautiful country.

Recently, I put all forthcoming full moons in my diary in the hope of photographing them.  Everyone was raving about the size of the harvest moon this month, so I was ready...  However, I was fiddling around on Facebook when it rose and when I suddenly remembered, it was already high in the sky, very bright and disappointingly small.  I'm setting an alarm for the next one!

However, when I put this pic on Facebook, a friend in Arizona said she saw it too - so the notion of looking skywards still works!

So this is for all friends scattered around the northern hemisphere.  Friendships, like celestial bodies, never change...

(Click on the image to see it in higher res.)

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