17 March 2013

A bit of wisdom

Owls have that reputation for being wise.  I think its because they sit still and seem to be listening.  When people reflect and consider things deeply they too sit still quietly.  Maybe that's it.  But on the news last week, they had concluded that Neanderthals became extinct because they needed large eyes to accommodate the lower light levels in the northern hemisphere, and that, as a consequence, there was not enough room in their cranium for a big brain.  Thus the more intelligent humans out-competed them.  But owls have such large eyes, adapted as many of them are, to flying at night, that they too have little room for grey matter.  So maybe that's it.  To be wise, you don't have to be brainy, just be someone who listens and doesn't prattle..  Hhmm.. so wisdom is within the grasp of us all.

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