26 July 2009

What's up?

I have sometimes been embarrassed by questions about my website address. 'lookingup.me.uk' sounds faintly rude - and Google's auto-prompt suggests you go to 'looking up girls skirts'!!! And the mind boggles as to what 'looking up me' means... So this is a rationale of my URL.
Having been bitterly disappointed in 2003 by the failure of a cherished database project, I looked to photography for solace. Coincidently, Canon released the first DSLR to retail for under £1000 and I jumped at the chance to indulge my long-held ambition to be good at taking pictures. Before too long, the images were turning out OK and some were published. In this multimedia world, I looked for a way to showcase my work and a website seemed the obvious choice. It was in a lunch time that our IT technician first showed me how easy it is (huh!) to write a webpage. Second to photography (and my real full-time job of course), this has been the single most time-consuming occupation of the last four years. The acquisition of a copy of Dreamweaver led to months of obsessive html-ing with the result that I built my first site. Acquiring a domain name was not so straightforward as it left me at the mercy of what remained after the dotcom revolution. I thought lindawright.com would be cool but another Linda Wright had bagged it. However, it was in one of those dreamy moments when you first wake up but don't know what day it is or where exactly you are, that I thought of 'lookingup'. It represented the fact that, since buying a DSLR, the depression had lifted and things began to look up. Also, since at that time, most images were of birds of prey - and flying ones at that, and the fact that a website is a way of getting in touch, or 'looking up', I thought it a perfect name for my showcase.
I soon discovered that I was not the only person to be so inspired. All the decent 'lookingup' URLs had gone. All that was left in Britain was the one with the extension that is meant to serve personal websites - the .me.uk. Not wishing to choose even less obscure ones that might indicate I was Danish, I plumped for www.lookingup.me.uk and have had to live with the embarrassment ever since.... However it has served me well and that is all I wanted...

PS: Re looking up with a camera - don't!!! (or not into the sun anyway) You'll only do that once through a 300mm lens - believe me!

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